My Second First Day of Kindergarten

I’m a crier!  Simply put, a big crier.  You name it - weddings, funerals, movies, spats with friends, my daughter’s preschool move-up ceremony – I cry!  So as my daughter N headed to Kindergarten this fall, I loaded my purse with tissues, braced myself for the drama and headed to the “yard” of Meredith Elementary, our Center City neighborhood public school.

For N, it was an exciting morning.  After all, it was her first day of Kindergarten!  My husband and I had been setting the stage for this day all summer long reassuring her that Kindergarten would be an exciting new beginning and that she soon would have a new set of friends, a fabulous teacher and that she would finally get to go to the “big” school just a block and a half from our home.  We arrive several minutes early and I’m feeling good, no tears on the horizon.  N has high expectations.  And frankly, so do my husband and I. 

Like most parents who live in Center City, my husband and I talked a lot about the plethora of school options.  Private versus charter versus neighborhood school versus moving to the suburbs.  When it comes to your kids, there’s no doubt choosing a school is a serious matter.  We finally concluded that we didn’t want to move or pay for private school or take our chances on a charter lottery, and that we enjoy our life in the city, so here we are, in Meredith’s “yard”.

As we’re standing there, the excitement builds.  First, we see the principal come outside, next N’s teacher.  N’s bouncing up and down in her room line, ready to take on the day.  I hug and kiss her goodbye.

Later that morning, I open my purse and find all the unused tissues.  OMG – I didn’t cry!  Why?  Looking back at that special day just a couple of weeks ago, I knew that N was ready for Kindergarten.   Now, we truly are part of the fabric of the neighborhood and the school that’s just a block and a half from our house.

Laurel Perley is the editor of the Center City District’s website.

Tags: Parents' Perspective, Schools

Posted: October 4, 2012

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