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Daddis Kids Mixed Martial Arts

1719 Washington Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19146


Little Dragons Children's MMA:  The martial arts provide a great athletic outlet and will help your child use his or her excess energy constructively, making him or her more calm while at home or in school. The class teaches your child basic kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and various offensive and defensive maneuvers. Skill oriented games keep the class fun and exciting for kids. Interwoven into the training is the development of self discipline and self confidence that leads children to success.

Summer Camp: Make it a fun and productive summer for your child through our "Life Skills" Martial Arts Summer Camp! We maximize your child's time with us for an extremely effective curriculum that is not only amazingly fun, but will help your child build self-confidence, leadership skills, discipline, self-control, peak fitness, practical self-defense skills.

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