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Philadelphia, PA


It is never too early to start music education of your children. The sooner you start, the better the outcome. Clearly, a 45-minute class once a week isn’t enough to form a rich and lasting musical environment for your child.

Do Mi Sol Kids dedicates endless enthusiasm and energy to make classes interesting for everybody - from infants to parents.  Toddlers learn through play, they enjoy playing instruments, singing, dancing. Babies look up to toddlers, trying to imitate. 2-3 year-olds tend to interact with the teachers and other children, 4-year-olds like leading by playing the teacher’s role. Even the parents enjoy their time during the class, because here they can be a part of their favorite music. Your child can learn solfege – to name the notes and eventually develop perfect pitch.

Music classes located at The Ethical Society - 1906 Rittenhouse Square and
Yoga Child - 903 South Street, Philadelphia.

Teachers: Elena and Andrey

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