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Music Monkey Jungle

1500 Bainbridge St
Philadelphia, PA 19146


Age Group: 5 months - 5 years

Music Monkey Jungle is music, movement and interactive fun for little music monkeys and the primates who love them. We perform at 6 locations in and around the city - The Children’s Boutique, Old Pine Community Center, Northern Liberties Community Center,  Momo’s Treehouse, Tildie’s Toy Box and The Kugel Collaborative. For a full, up-to-date schedule, please or visit on Facebook.
Music Monkey Jungle Sing Along is a 30 minute high energy, interactive, rockin’ good time for little music monkeys. Children and adults will sing, dance, laugh, play, move, imagine and create through the presentation of original MMJ songs, dances and games. We’ll focus on melody, unison, range, dynamics, tempo, call & response through the use of mini maracas and wrist ribbons. You and your little music monkey(s) are bound to have a rockin’ good time. The Sing Along is drop-in only, $10 per child at the door and babies under 6 months are free.
Music Monkey Jungle Jam is a 30 minute interactive performance for music monkeys who love to rock, roll, move, groove, bounce, bop and jam. Children and adults will have a rockin’ good time through the presentation of Music Monkey Jungle original songs, dances and games, with the added greatness of drums and mini maracas. The MMJ Jam is drop-in only, $10 per child at the door and babies under 6 months are free.
Kinderlach Rock Shaboom Shabbat teaches, celebrates and reinforces Jewish ideas, customs, traditions and basic Hebrew to littles music monkeys while having fun, fun, fun! Children and adults will sing, dance, laugh, play, move, imagine and celebrate Shabbat through MMJ original Jewish songs, dances and games. This performance is best suited for children between the ages of 5 months to 5 years and runs that runs from the first week of October to the second week of December. Drop-ins welcome, $15 at the door and the MMJ Universal Member Card is not accepted.
MMJ Birthday Party Performances are a fantastic entertainment option for your child’s birthday party. The Music Monkey Jungle Sing Along, The Music Monkey Jungle Jam or Music Monkey Jungle Drummers (+$50) are sure to get toes tappin’, hands clappin’, feet movin’ and bodies groovin’! For more information, please contact or visit We’ll sing, dance, laugh, play, move, imagine, create and celebrate!


For a full schedule of Music Monkey Jungle classes and performances, please visit our website or write to


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