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St. Peter's School

319 Lombard St
Philadelphia, PA 19147


Age Group: Ages 3-14

Dates: June - August

St. Peter's Summer 2015 Programs:

Summer Enrichment Program

Pre-school through Fifth Grade

Geared towards our younger students, this program is one that allows your child to experience a little bit of everything. Each week offers a new theme that will guide the curriculum in various classes such as science, music, foreign language, cooking, and sports just to name a few! This is a great option for either first-time summer students or if your child is looking to explore a variety of topics in their week with us.

Specialty Programs

Third through Eighth Grades

Designed to immerse students in a particular interest, these weeks promise to be a great time! Covering a variety of topics over the summer, students can choose one or two things that they are passionate about and dive in.

Career Weeks

Fifth through Eighth Grades

As our students begin to look towards high school and eventually college, we are excited to offer (for the first time this year) five career-specific weeks to give students a leg up in the industry they may want to pursue. Designed and led by professionals in the field, these weeks tackle real-world problem solving and teamwork in these unique professions.


For more information, please contact Bryan Kerr, Director of Summer Programs, at

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