K-8 Public Schools & Catchment Map

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The map above shows catchment boundaries for K-8 public schools. Center City's public elementary schools present a variety of options for families. According to School District policy, parents living within a particular public elementary school's  boundaries can send their children to their neighborhood school by applying at any time. Click on the schools below for the individual elementary school's page.

Chester A. Arthur School - 20th and Catharine Sts
Bache-Martin School - 2201 Brown St
Albert M. Greenfield School - 22nd and Chestnut Sts
Andrew Jackson School - 1213 S 12th St
General Philip Kearny School - 6th St and Fairmount Ave
General George A. McCall Elementary and Middle School - 325 S 7th St
William M. Meredith School - 725 S 5th St
George W. Nebinger School - 6th and Carpenter Sts
Spring Garden School - 1146 Melon St
Edwin M. Stanton School - 17th and Christian Sts
Laura Wheeler Waring School - 18th and Green Sts
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